The Best Finance YouTube Channels To Learn From

The 7 Best Finance YouTube Channels To Learn From

If you want to learn finance, YouTube can be a great source of free information and education. In this guide, we will break down 7 of the best finance YouTube channels for both personal finance and business.

#1 Tim Vipond

Tim Vipond’s YouTube channel is focused on personal finance, investing, real estate, portfolio construction, alternative assets, budgeting, and much more. Tim is the co-founder and CEO of Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), an online financial education and certification company with over 1 million registered students. Prior to founding CFI, Tim worked in investment banking, wealth management, and corporate development at both public and private companies.

Below is a video from Tim’s YouTube channel on the Top 5 Investments to Make in Your 20’s.

#2 Graham Stephen

Graham Stephen skipped university to become a real estate agent after graduating from high school. His channel focuses on real estate, personal finance, and lifestyle videos. He comes across as very personable, down to earth, and has amassed a very large following. Some of his most popular videos include how he bought a Tesla for $78/month, unboxing an invite-only credit card, how to buy your first rental property, and how much money he makes on his YouTube channel.

#3 Andrei Jikh

Andrei is a student of magic tricks and brings a distinct flair and charisma to his YouTube channel on personal finance. His most popular videos include passive income ideas, how to became a millionaire, how much money you should save, and finding jobs or side gigs that don’t require a university education.

#4 The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet channel on YouTube talks posts videos on personal finance in a fun and straightforward way. It consists of a group of contributors, who talk about money and lifestyles, in a way that is accessible for beginners.

#5 Nate O’Brien

Nate O’Brien hosts a channel about helping people grow their income, with a focus on productivity, minimalism, and personal finance. Some of his most watched videos include how to generate passive income, ways to make money as a teenager, stock market investing for beginners, being a minimalist, and habits that changed his life.

#6 WhiteBoard Finance

WhiteBoard Finance is a channel focused on helping people build financial wealth. The main topic areas include personal finance, stock market investing, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship. Popular videos include advice on car dealerships, how to manage your money, how to buy a car, and dividend income investing.

#7 Financial Education

Jeremy is the creator of the Financial Education Channel, where anyone can learn about personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship. His most-watched videos include the stock market for beginners, when to buy stocks, how to do drop shipping, bitcoin, and passive income ideas.

Learning from the Best Finance YouTube Channels for Millennials

YouTube is a popular source for millennials, Gen Z, Gen X, and all age groups to learn personal finance. Where you’re interested in stocks, bonds, index funds, ETFs, real estate, credit cards, insurance, budgeting, or any other topic, you’ll be sure to find lots of great video content.

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